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Business Strength

Asiatic Group has established solid track record as an Independent Power Producer, having three fully operational fossil fuel power plant totaling over 45 MW installed capacity in Cambodia and a 12.5 MW Biomass Power Plant in Malaysia.

The constant challenges of capacity, cost effectiveness, performance requirements, design life span, expansion possibilities and provisions, requires an engineering team capable to meet and overcome these parameters. With the group’s subsidiary experiences extended to that of Operations and Maintenance, the added advantages of its engineering team are invaluable feedbacks received from practical experiences during operations and maintenance of power plants. Such practical experiences provides essential advancement to even better design and engineering scope of each plant we develop and have improved overall competencies.

Today, Colben engages in activities across the value chain

  • Planning and Development
  • Capital Structuring
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractor
  • Operations and Maintenance Operator

with a commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way through innovation and excellence.

Colben's business activities allow us to take on power plant projects up to any and every level of the Build, Own, Operate and Transfer stages.